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Billing Policy

Unless otherwise agreed to in writing, it is presumed that all mediation costs will be shared equally by the parties. The costs and fees are due when billed.

MEDIATION FEES: Mediations are charged at $250.00 per hour, per separately represented party. Additionally, a one-time Administrative Fee of $200.00 will be charged and divided by the parties equally. In the event there is more than one separately represented plaintiff or separately represented defendant (multi-party cases), the hourly rate will be reduced to $180.00 per hour, per party. Since the entire day is blocked, a four (4) hour minimum will be charged.

EXPENSES: Mileage is not charged, but travel time is billed at the applicable rate, and in the event of the necessity of an overnight stay, hotel and meal charges will be split among the parties.

CANCELLATION POLICY: In the event a scheduled Mediation is canceled, the $200.00 Administrative Fee will be billed. If, however, the Mediation is rescheduled and held, a credit will be given for those monies.

Make checks payable to:
"Roger Mills, Attorney at Law"
Federal Tax I.D. No. 03-0493932